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Mushroom superfood supplements for body health

You've only got one body, take care of it. Love Mushrooms makes it easier - all 6 of our mushrooms superfood extracts have showed positive impacts on the body in research.

Want to dive deeper into the science? You can always visit our Science Page.

Are you giving your body what it needs to be at its full potential?

On top of exercise and diet, natural supplements like mushroom superfoods can do a world of good for helping with prevention, immune support, and many more body benefits.

Read on to see how Love Mushrooms can help with your body health.

Reishi and Body Health

The super-popular Reishi has a multitude of body benefits and a long history of research to back its popularity. Its complex polysaccharides (PSP) give Reishi an opportunity to help in many parts of the body. So many, it's hard to write about them in this small space.

Example: this study, where  “The immuno-modulating effects of G. lucidum polysaccharides were extensive”.

Or this study, which "demonstrated that Ganopoly was efficacious and safe in lowering blood glucose concentrations."

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Chaga and Body Health

Chaga is a newer to proper research, but it's already providing some results. Like improving cholesterol and diabetes via Chaga's beneficial compounds "(restoring) the body and fat mass weight”, and “(reducing) fasting blood glucose levels”.

Immune system and cancer (talk to your doctor) studies are starting to turn up positive information as well. The “results strongly suggest the great potential of the aqueous extract from Inonotus obliquus (Chaga) as an immune enhancer during chemotherapy.”

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Lion's Mane and Body Health

Lion’s mane has been studied in fighting certain cancers (talk to your doctor) and it is considered a good dietary source of antioxidants, as seen in this study.

Lion's Mane has been commonly used in traditional medicines, and it's nice seeing more science validate its potential usefulness in our bodies.

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Turkey Tail and Body Health

If you're looking for “enhanced immune function, toxin removal and strengthening” of cells, then Turkey Tail could be a great option. It is a strong antioxidant recorded heavily in Chinese medicine. 

PSK, the powerful polysaccharopeptide found in Turkey Tail, has been studied extensively and the impact on our bodies is quite clear.

Turkey Tail is well-studied, widely used, and a great way to give your body more.

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Cordyceps and Body Health

Cordyceps is recommended, and being studied, for its potential ability to increase exercise tolerance. There is evidence to suggest it “might become a new functional food or medicine for fatigue resistance.” 

And that is not all that Cordyceps can do for the body. It is a powerful mushroom with great potential for cancer management according to this exciting research.

Animal experiments have also shown that Cordyceps can improve ATP generation, great for heavy lifts.

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Maitake and Body Health

Maitake is an immune-booster full of beneficial Beta-Glucans and polysaccharides.

From these studies: “(The) Maitake (D-Fraction) mushroom is involved in stimulating the immune system and activating certain cells that attack cancer, including macrophages, T-cells, and natural killer cells”.

And since Maitake is easily available and well-tolerated, “it is highly desirable for the cancer patient looking for immune support via natural products.”

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